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Six Sentence Sunday: Next steps??? (The Crimson League)

thecrimsonleagueI want to bring Six Sentence Sunday back to the blog, because it’s so much fun to do. Just six sentences to get people interested. Can it be done? I’m not sure. But it’s a blast to pick the moment out.

Today’s selection comes from “The Crimson League,” because the ebook is on sale for 99 cents for just one more week.

In this passage, Kora and her best friend, a boy named Sedder, have met up with the Crimson League, who saved them from an assault by a troop of soldiers. (The soldiers had their reasons.) But what should they do next? When Kora decides she has to send her family to safehouse….

So you’ll join them at the safehouse?”

Kora looked away. Sedder directed her gaze back to him. “Kora Porteg, you’re going to that safehouse?”

For the second time that afternoon, Kora took Sedder’s arm to expose the wound across his wrist. “You think you’re the only one they’ve done that to?”

Hope today’s selection piques some interest. This is perhaps one of my favorite scenes in the book.


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Six Sentence Sunday: “The Magic Council”

Today’s Six Sentence Sunday: a bit of tension from this week’s new release, “The Magic Council.” This book is the second in the Herezoth trilogy. Make sure you check it out!

“Drop the knife,” he ordered Bendelof. “Drop it!”

The other men, dressed as though they were Amison’s servants, aimed their bows at the former Leaguesman. Her arm shaking, Bennie did as she was told.

“On your knees,” the duke directed. “Both of you.”

Interested in what happens next? Click HERE to get your copy on Kindle or in paperback.

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Six Sentence Sunday: Kora’s First Raid

I’m gearing up for one last free promo for the first fantasy novel in my Herezoth trilogy,”The Crimson League.” It will be free on Kindle October 22-24 before its sequel, “The Magic Council,” releases November 9. Because of that, today’s Six Sentence Sunday post comes from “The Crimson League,” featuring Kora Porteg’s first raid with the resistance. She’s assaulting a base Zalski’s troops hold with two telekinetic brothers, Lanokas and Menikas.

Menikas dared a glance inside; the guardsmen kept to their work, flipping pages, taking the occasional note. After a second he drew back and signaled Lanokas. At Kora’s nod, both nobles peered in as Menikas had done before and waved their hands. The candlesticks lifted off the table and collided, with a sickening thud, with the soldiers’ skulls, giving them no time to cry out. One slumped forward on the table, while the other toppled sideways. The candlesticks dropped with a clang.

Interested in more? You can read an opening excerpt from “The Crimson League” here: to hold you over until the 22nd! You can also sneak a peek at “The Magic Council” with a previous Six Sentence Sunday post at