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“The King’s Sons” releases TOMORROW!

thekingssons3-1Tomorrow, the Herezoth trilogy is full and complete. Book III releases, and Book I (The Crimson League) will be FREE for everyone to download.

The King’s Sons focuses largely on the second generation of sorcerers and the second generation of the royal family. Sorceress Kora Porteg–who fights to save Herezoth in The Crimson League— must return there, and she’s joined against her will by three of her children. The oldest of them, her daughter Kansten, has no magical talents. What kind of problems arise from that?

How would you feel if you, alone in your family, hadn’t the power to cast incantations? Pretty worthless, maybe?

Kansten’s brothers sent her a sympathetic smile when she joined them in the parlor. She asked about Jane Trand, and they told her she’d gone back to her office at Vane’s school, to fetch some spellbooks for them to study, so they could be better prepared for any battle.

“Uncle Zac sent you away too?” asked Walten. “Infuriating, isn’t it?”

Her knees wobbly, Kansten took a seat on the floor, against the wall. Her brothers joined her, looking concerned, and while Wilhem tapped his foot on the rug she whispered, “I wonder what Mom’s telling them, that she’d send me away like that. I’m frightened, getting more and more frightened each minute. I’ve never seen Mother’s face look the way it did when she sent me for the king.”

Wilhem reminded her, “You did ask for the job.”

“Of course I did. Magic or no magic, I’ll make myself useful. I won’t sit here twiddling my thumbs.”

Walten told her, “You’re not useless, Kansten. You’re not some kind of failure because you can’t do magic. No one thinks you’re weak, you just….”

His sister shoved him. “You do! Both of you! You think I’m too blasted weak to stand the sight of your cursed sorcery. Well, you can work magic around me. I don’t need you to protect me from my defect. What do you think I’ll do if I see you cast a spell, start crying? Throw things at you?”

Walten stroked his thin beard, looking embarrassed. Still tapping his foot, smooth-faced Wilhem tried to talk, but the sounds he made weren’t quite words. Kansten shot, “I’m as much Mom’s child as either one of you. I’m just as proud to be her child as you are, and I’m older than you both. Sure, I’m jealous of your magic. Sure, I wish I was a sorceress. That doesn’t mean I resent you, all right? It’s not your fault I’m a bloody disappointment. I don’t grudge that you have magic, but if you keep walking on eggshells around me like you think I’ll crack if I hear you mention a spell, I’ll resent you all right. I’ll grow to hate you. Stop treating me like a baby!”

Please spread the word to your reader friends who enjoy a good fantasy story. Now that the trilogy’s complete, there’s no waiting to know how everything ends: that’s always agony, I know. For sure. (Harry Potter, anyone?)

And the first book is available at no cost for a limited time (Friday and Saturday), so you can travel to Herezoth risk free and see how it suits you.


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One Month More!

I am so stoked! Had to write today on the website about it: just one month until my second published novel, the second installment of the Herezoth trilogy, comes out! I had a big post on my blog yesterday all about The Magic Council, so if you’re interested you can read more info there on The Next Big Thing blog hop post.

Here are five quick, fun facts about “The Magic Council” and Herezoth, to tide you over until next month!

1. I started another novel once about a character named August. It wasn’t fantasy, but rather a Douglas Adams-esque farce about Southern Louisiana post-Hurricane Katrina. (I’m from New Orleans). I didn’t get very far into it, maybe twenty pages, but I loved that name, and when I envisioned Vane Unsten’s love interest, “August” popped right in mind. I knew it was the perfect fit for her!

2. First advance review of “The Magic Council” is five stars! The line that almost made me cry just like reviewer Debbie Prins: “I cried on a couple of occasions, laughed a few times and felt every emotion available! I can’t recommend this book higher!”

3. I started “The Magic Council” the month before I began my doctoral program. I’m now about to start year 4 at my university. Crazy to think that much time has passed! Some of my fondest memories of Chicago are of the cafe where I go to write each afternoon.

4. The Duchy of “Crescenton,” so named for a bend of the Podra River in Herzoth’s capital city, is a nod to my hometown. New Orleans will forever and always be The Crescent City, and forever and always be my home.

5. The Duke of Yangerton has a cameo at the end of “The Crimson League.” I had absolutely no idea, none, when writing the first draft of “The Crimson League” that the Duke of Yangerton, Carson Amison, would become a major player in the sequel. I didn’t even know I’d write a sequel, and I had finished Book I of the second novel before I knew Amison would feature in Book II the way he does. His appearance in Book I was a late addition: one of the last scenes I ended up writing for the novel, and one of my favorites.