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A handy reference guide of the characters in “The Crimson League”


Brenthor: Head of the Sorcerer’s Court in ancient times.

Hansrelto: the villain of the Sorcerer’s Revolt in ancient times and author of the “Librette Oscure.”

Mayven: Brenthor’s second in command, heroine of the ancient Sorcerer’s Revolt.


Galisan Bane: head of the Crimson League’s Yangerton operations.

Kansten Carder: member of the Crimson League. She’s from a rural area west of the Podra river.

Neslan Dormenor: noble-born, son of the Duke of Crescenton. The Crimson League’s scholar.

Bendelof Esper: member of the Crimson League, and Ranler Voldrone’s apprentice.

Sedder Foden: Kora Porteg’s best friend.

Bidd Grissner: adolescent who joins the Crimson League.

Hayden Grissner: Bidd’s cousin, a member of the Crimson League.

Hal Halt: Bidd’s friend and fellow Leaguesman.

Laskenay Heathdon: foundress of the Crimson League.

Wilhem Horn: the League’s spy.

Lanokas (Rexson Phinnean): a founding member of the Crimson League and a noble.

Menikas (Hune Phinnean): Founder of the Crimson League and Lanokas’s elder brother.

Kora Porteg: protagonist. Young girl from a village south of the capital.

Mouser Rone: one of Galisan Bane’s men.

Ranler Valdrone: thief by training.


Farmer Byjon: owns much land near Hogarane, Kora’s home village.

Crabe: the replacement Argint Wicker trains in Yangerton after Zalski names him general. Member of the elite guard.

Malzin Forzythe: Zalski’s wife and captain of his elite guard.

Zalski Forzythe: son of the Duke of Lanceton, who has overthrown Herezoth’s royal family.

Alten Grombach: Zalski’s general and co-conspirator.

Kant: another of the elite guard

Trank: member of Zalski’s elite guard.

Vobel: member of Zalski’s elite guard.

Argint Wicker: elite guardsman with a wooden leg.


Carson Amison: son of the Duke of Yangerton.

Brianna Bellis: the fiancée Lanokas left behind at the time of Zalski’s coup.

Gand: the father of two boys, a Fontferry local who is at Teena’s inn during the troll attack.

Prue Halt: Hal’s grandmother, she helps the League after the ambush outside the Landfill.

Valkin Heathdon: Laskenay’s late husband.

Drake Ithen: Zacry Porteg’s guardian

Nani Jute: a woman Kora stays with in Podrar.

Ter Jute: Nani’s husband, spoken of but never seen.

Markulas: an old fortuneteller in Yangerton.

Petroc: Hansrelto’s descendant, a sorcerer.

Pikebash: captain of an army of trolls.

Gared Plintenbann: Zacry’s teacher.

Ilana Porteg: Kora’s mother

Zacry Porteg: Kora’s younger brother.

Rankush: a troll. One of Pikebash’s soldiers.

Triloc: Petroc’s brother killed by Zalski.

Teena Unsten: runs an inn in Fontferry.

Vane Unsten: Teena’s toddler nephew.