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Welcome to My New and Improved Author Website!

Hello everyone! I wanted to give you an introduction to my ideas to update (well, breathe life into) my website here. In contrast to my blog,, where I post daily musings on creative writing and my personal writing process, here I will share on a daily (or nearly daily) basis:

  • Snippets and selections from my novels
  • Reviews that appear of my novels
  • Promotions of my favorite books, movies, and music
  • Polls (from time to time)
  • Personal musings/reflections unrelated to the writing process
  • My poetry

I had been letting this website sit and gather dust as a resource, and that’s just silly! So I’ll be jumping on board and making it much more active…. and interactive. Feel free to make requests/suggestions if there’s something in particular you’d like to see appear.