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Reviewers compare “The Crimson League” to “The Hunger Games.”

thecrimsonleagueI am so excited by the way reviews are comparing the first novel of my trilogy (free today for everyone who wants to read) to Suzanne Collins and “The Hunger Games.”

I have to admit, I haven’t yet read THG, but I can’t wait to do so. The dystopian theme is intriguing to me, and I assume it will have a lot of depth. In addition, I have heard nothing but praise for Collins and her writing chops (as opposed to other very popular series of the moment and recent past involving sparkling creatures of the night.)

Here’s the most recent comparison:

“I just finished The Crimson League and am about to start the next in the series. Victoria has a unique flair for writing and keeping the reader interested. Most importantly to me, her characters are well described and easy to follow through all the twists and turns that transpire throughout the story. If you’re a fan of magic and an era like The Hunger Games, you’ll enjoy this novel to the fullest.”

And here is an older one:

“This was an excellent book. If I were to compare I would say it is close to Hunger Games. It is a different world one that has magical humans and nonmagical humans against each other. There is a man who has taken over the kingdom who is torturing people and a group called the Crimson League that has decided to rise up against him in order to restore order to the kingdom and place the rightful King in his place. The characters are amazing and really tug at your heart strings. The book didn’t end the way I wanted it to but I loved for that. All in All I would recommend this book to anyone.”
If you know someone who enjoyed “The Hunger Games,” would you mind letting the know that “The Crimson League” is free May 31 and June 1?
While it’s the first book in a trilogy, it’s a finished, complete story to itself, and the sequels–both of them–are now available for those who enjoy their journey to Herezoth. When you can travel to a land of sword of sorcery risk free, what’s to lose?


“The King’s Sons” releases TOMORROW!

thekingssons3-1Tomorrow, the Herezoth trilogy is full and complete. Book III releases, and Book I (The Crimson League) will be FREE for everyone to download.

The King’s Sons focuses largely on the second generation of sorcerers and the second generation of the royal family. Sorceress Kora Porteg–who fights to save Herezoth in The Crimson League— must return there, and she’s joined against her will by three of her children. The oldest of them, her daughter Kansten, has no magical talents. What kind of problems arise from that?

How would you feel if you, alone in your family, hadn’t the power to cast incantations? Pretty worthless, maybe?

Kansten’s brothers sent her a sympathetic smile when she joined them in the parlor. She asked about Jane Trand, and they told her she’d gone back to her office at Vane’s school, to fetch some spellbooks for them to study, so they could be better prepared for any battle.

“Uncle Zac sent you away too?” asked Walten. “Infuriating, isn’t it?”

Her knees wobbly, Kansten took a seat on the floor, against the wall. Her brothers joined her, looking concerned, and while Wilhem tapped his foot on the rug she whispered, “I wonder what Mom’s telling them, that she’d send me away like that. I’m frightened, getting more and more frightened each minute. I’ve never seen Mother’s face look the way it did when she sent me for the king.”

Wilhem reminded her, “You did ask for the job.”

“Of course I did. Magic or no magic, I’ll make myself useful. I won’t sit here twiddling my thumbs.”

Walten told her, “You’re not useless, Kansten. You’re not some kind of failure because you can’t do magic. No one thinks you’re weak, you just….”

His sister shoved him. “You do! Both of you! You think I’m too blasted weak to stand the sight of your cursed sorcery. Well, you can work magic around me. I don’t need you to protect me from my defect. What do you think I’ll do if I see you cast a spell, start crying? Throw things at you?”

Walten stroked his thin beard, looking embarrassed. Still tapping his foot, smooth-faced Wilhem tried to talk, but the sounds he made weren’t quite words. Kansten shot, “I’m as much Mom’s child as either one of you. I’m just as proud to be her child as you are, and I’m older than you both. Sure, I’m jealous of your magic. Sure, I wish I was a sorceress. That doesn’t mean I resent you, all right? It’s not your fault I’m a bloody disappointment. I don’t grudge that you have magic, but if you keep walking on eggshells around me like you think I’ll crack if I hear you mention a spell, I’ll resent you all right. I’ll grow to hate you. Stop treating me like a baby!”

Please spread the word to your reader friends who enjoy a good fantasy story. Now that the trilogy’s complete, there’s no waiting to know how everything ends: that’s always agony, I know. For sure. (Harry Potter, anyone?)

And the first book is available at no cost for a limited time (Friday and Saturday), so you can travel to Herezoth risk free and see how it suits you.


The teen sorceress who dares stand up to a dictator: SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY

thecrimsonleagueSoon, Six Sentence Sunday posts will start focusing on “The King’s Sons,” Book III in the Herezoth Trilogy set to release on May 31. Today, though, I’m highlighting “The Crimson League,” which will be FREE on tomorrow, April 22, through April 24.

This is the perfect opportunity to download Book I and catch up on what’s happening in the trilogy so you can snag the final installment at release time!

“The Crimson League” tells the story of teen sorceress, Kora Porteg, and her fight against Herezoth’s sorcerer-dictator, Zalski Forzythe. But how, exactly, does Zalski judge the opposition?

The statement caught the younger sorceress off-guard, but she said, “I’m Kora, yes.” With a grimace, Wilhem forced himself to stand straighter.

“Zalski’s done his research on you. He knows you’ll want revenge for your father’s death, for the Foden murders. He fears what you might become, Kora. When he learned you were part of the raid that stole that list, his anger was unimaginable.”

Make sure you catch “The Crimson League” tomorrow, while it’s free. And please, spread the word to your reader friends and fantasy fans who might be interested! Harry Potter was a huge influence on the Herezoth novels, and reviews have compared “The Crimson League” to “The Hunger Games,” so fans of those franchises should really enjoy taking a trip to Herezoth.

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Saturday Snippet: Kora’s Worst Fear

thecrimsonleagueToday’s Saturday Snippet is from “The Crimson League.” Book I in the Herezoth trilogy is on sale through Monday for just 99 cents, so make sure to grab it while you can. In this segment, protagonist Kora has a nasty nightmare the day she joins the resistance movement fighting against sorcerer-dictator Zalski Forzythe.

It took Kora hours to fall asleep. When she finally dozed off she dreamed she sat in a dungeon, her wrists shackled to the wall. The lieutenant who had whipped Sedder that morning walked up to her, his lips curled.

“Are you ready to speak?”

Kora’s voice was only a gargle, so she resorted to shaking her head as definitively as she could.

“I thought you might need some persuasion,” said the lieutenant. He looked over his shoulder and signaled someone to come forward. A masked stranger, also in uniform, stepped from the shadows, dragging Zacry with him, his sword against the boy’s throat. The lieutenant spoke triumphantly. “How’s this for incentive?”

Kora pulled against her shackles. Zacry’s terror-stricken eyes bore into his sister’s.

“Tell what you know about the Crimson League or he dies. You have to the count of three.”

“I’ll talk!” she screamed. “I’ll talk.”

The lieutenant nodded grimly. “Kill him anyway,” he directed.

Kora woke in a cold sweat as Zacry’s blood pooled at her feet. The ground was so hard, she thought for a moment she actually was in a dungeon. Then her panic subsided, her memory came back to her, and she knew she would sleep no more that night. She crept from the chamber and toward the front of the cave. Right away she saw a beam of moonlight, a single thin beam, and knew that someone had removed the top stones that blocked the entrance.

That someone was Lanokas, sitting near the ash pile. He stared into the night, or early morning now, a blanket wrapped about him to fend off autumn’s chill. A few feet away stood the pitcher he had gone to fill from the nearest well after dinner. He waved his hand at it with two swift, steady motions. It rose into the air and flew toward him.

“You’re telekinetic,” Kora whispered.

Lanokas jumped, glancing over his shoulder. He nearly spilled the water. “You’re awake,” he said.

“I didn’t mean to startle you. I just…. I couldn’t sleep.”

“You had a long day.” Lanokas motioned for her to take a seat beside him, near the remnants of the fire. Kora settled herself to the ground while he waved two glasses over from the wall and filled one for her. He offered the blanket as well, but Kora felt feverish, her heart racing as though she had run the distance between the cave and home. Home…. She mustn’t think of that. She used her bandana to wipe her moist forehead.

“Are you a sorcerer?” she asked.

“Not even close. A true sorcerer, who can use incantations…. They’re rare these days. Magic degraded through the centuries.”

“I’d heard that before,” said Kora. “But I’ve never met anyone with powers, powers of any kind.”

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Six Sentence Sunday: Next steps??? (The Crimson League)

thecrimsonleagueI want to bring Six Sentence Sunday back to the blog, because it’s so much fun to do. Just six sentences to get people interested. Can it be done? I’m not sure. But it’s a blast to pick the moment out.

Today’s selection comes from “The Crimson League,” because the ebook is on sale for 99 cents for just one more week.

In this passage, Kora and her best friend, a boy named Sedder, have met up with the Crimson League, who saved them from an assault by a troop of soldiers. (The soldiers had their reasons.) But what should they do next? When Kora decides she has to send her family to safehouse….

So you’ll join them at the safehouse?”

Kora looked away. Sedder directed her gaze back to him. “Kora Porteg, you’re going to that safehouse?”

For the second time that afternoon, Kora took Sedder’s arm to expose the wound across his wrist. “You think you’re the only one they’ve done that to?”

Hope today’s selection piques some interest. This is perhaps one of my favorite scenes in the book.

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W. Stuart’s 4.5 review of “The Crimson League”: perhaps my favorite yet!

thecrimsonleagueW. Stuart’s new 4.5 star review of “The Crimson League” might be my favorite of any I’ve yet read. I’m so excited about it I had to share. Here’s what the reviewer posted on

“The Crimson League opens in a rather grim world where a sorcerer has killed the members of the ruling family and taken control. He uses his magic to exact revenge on the population for opposing magic and those who wield it. The citizens, taxed to poverty, begin to rebel with the aid of The Crimson League. Kora, the main protagonist, discovers she is The Marked One during a journey to a village to trade on the black market. Rescued from capture – or worse – by members of The Crimson League from soldiers of the sorcerer King, Kora joins the resistance movement.

The book follows Kora’s adventures as she grows into her own power as a sorceress and details the lives and relationships that affect her and her world’s very existence. Interspersed throughout are surprises and twists that will keep the reader wondering what will happen next. As usual, I will not give away the story or be a spoiler, but I really enjoyed this one. It is a bit long, especially as the first book of a series, but well worth it.

The writing, plot, and character development were topnotch. I loved the way Victoria Grefer created a world that I could relate to and yet still wondered if such a place could truly exist. She also wove some contemporary vocabulary into the story, which further allowed me to connect with the story.

I really liked this book and I like the way Victoria Grefer set up the second book of the series in the epilogue. Again, I won’t give it away, but read this one!! Well Done Victoria Grefer!!

My rating: 4.5 Stars!!!”


reblogging from, well, my blog! big release news:

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

Hey everyone! I’m really stoked to take a brief break today from my normal blogging schedule to announce the release date and reveal the cover of “The King’s Sons,” book 3 in the Herezoth trilogy.

I’m particularly excited because–being unemployed and all–I’ve had lots of time to work with the proof copy and am well on my way to concluding final edits. So, I’ll be able to release a lot sooner than my original internal projections, which put me around August or September.



Rexson Phinnean has ruled Herezoth for twenty-five years, mostly in peace. But now a group of powerful sorcerers, snubbed when the king founded the Magic Council ten years before, have joined forces to attack the village of Partsvale and exact revenge. Can the king stop them? Will his spy, the sorcerer Duke of Ingleton, make it out alive? And when sorceress Kora Porteg violates…

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