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DSCN1236Welcome to Victoria Grefer’s official website! If you’re looking for her blog, where she posts daily on topics concerning creative writing, you can find that at

This site is Victoria’s blog. Don’t forget to check out her official website for all things Herezoth (related to her fantasy novels): maps, character lists, and more. That site is

Victoria is a New Orleans girl, born and raised, with an appreciation for the charm of the Deep South. She has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and English and a master’s degree in Spanish literature, all from the University of Alabama. She started college as a journalism major and worked a year as a staff reporter for the Alabama student newspaper, “The Crimson White.” That experience that helped her realize, once and for all, that her love for writing lay with fiction. She started enrolling in creative writing classes the following semester, completing the English department’s 3 course fiction writing series. She started blogging in April, 2012.

From the age of six, Victoria dreamed of becoming a novelist, and her writing career began in the third grade with a series of stories about herself and her friends solving mysteries. In high school she fell in love with the fantasy genre, and started writing fantasy as an undergraduate student. Now she has 5 novels under her belt, though only three are published as the Herezoth trilogy:

  • The Crimson League (Book I)
  • The Magic Council (Book II)
  • The King’s Sons (Book III)

She is currently working on a companion Herezoth novel which will focus on the experience of a group of Palace servants during sorcerer-nobleman’s Zalski Forzythe’s coup, which sets up the events of “The Crimson League,” while she works full-time helping keep animals healthy.

Victoria loves cats, classic movies, cribbage, and random, useless trivia. Don’t forget to: